“The University of Central Florida remained one of the nation’s top 5 “up-and-comer” schools while advancing in the overall U.S. News & World Report best colleges rankings released today”, a UCF report said.

All of UCF’s advancements in academics, building, student life and campus activities has allowed the school to be listed as number five on the nation’s list of most “up and coming schools.” UCF is the only school in Florida to be on this list.

UCF also ranked within the top 100 for top public schools in the nation.

“UCF’s continued advancement in the rankings during a period of severe state budget cuts is a testament to our hard-working staff and faculty members,” said UCF spokesman Grant J. Heston. “Their dedication enables us to provide our students with a high-quality education and opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success.”

UCF continues to grow in terms of student size, campus size and tradition value. In terms of academics, the school has been rated as having some of the best programs in the nation with colleges such as Education and Optics and Photonics.

With the new recognition however, it becomes increasingly difficult to get into the school. In the past ten years alone, SAT scores of incoming freshmen has increased 77 points to an average of 1244.

At just over 60,000 students, UCF will continue to break records and remain a top school to attend in the United States.