UCF students, prepare to wave your hands in the year and joyously sing along to your favorite artists in a live setting. As the weather begins to cool down in Orlando, the concert scene is just heating up. Check out’s picks for the upcoming shows you won’t want to miss.

Artist: Reptar
Date: October 20
Venue: The Social
Price: $12-15

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Reptar offer quirky pop gems with a dance twist. The band is renowned for its on-stage charisma, delivering a high-octane concert experience that is heavy on powerful grooves. “Reptar puts on an amazing live show infused with dance-happy synths, and it should be an awesome time for the entire community,” stated Zaina Soueid, a graduate student pursuing a degree in Nonprofit Organization Management. Reptar will be performing with Los Angeles’ Eyes Lips Eyes as well as local Orlando acts.

Artist: Passion Pit
Date: October 22
Venue: House of Blues
Price: $25

One week after their debut performance on Saturday Night Live, the Cambridge electropop band will light up the House of Blues. Their songs, which sound like sugarcoated anthems of early-20s alienation, aim to offer something relatable to UCF students. “Whenever times have gotten tough for me, Passion Pit was always there,” said Bill Marcus, a junior majoring in Psychology. “They’re an inspirational band who took the electropop sound and reinvented it for a young audience.” The least I could do was spend a few bucks for one of their shows.”

Artist: Snoop Dogg
Date: October 27
Venue: UCF Arena
Price: Free for students

The legendary Long Beach MC makes his debut appearance at the UCF arena. “Snoop (Dogg) has got me very excited for Homecoming, just because I have seen him perform one time with Sublime…” stated Stuart Kalver, a senior majoring in English Education. “Snoop brought the world to a cool ambiance with his pointer finger in the air.”

Artist: George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
Date: October 27
Venue: House of Blues (Downtown Disney)
Price: $88

The respected funk titans bring their indelible sound and room-shattering energy to the House of Blues. Students interested in hearing a blast from the past can witness one of the most energetic and widely emulated funk bands of all time. “I first saw Parliament- Funkadelic at Wanee in ’10 and they raised the bar on what a live performance should be,” said Dave Freedman, a senior majoring in Interpersonal/Organizational communication. Freedman believes that over 40 years on, the group’s leader hasn’t lost his touch. “George Clinton is a living legend that deserves to be up there with Hendrix and the Grateful Dead.”