Pretty Lights Music, a record label owned by American electronic music artist Derek Vincent Smith, will be putting on a production at the UCF Arena on Oct. 3.

Smith, a native Coloradoan, got his start producing hip-hop music while in high school, which inspired his record label’s hip-hop/synthesizer dance vibe. He’s performed with Cory Eberhard at various well-known American music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Rothbury, the Electric Daisy Carnival and the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago. Also having performed with Bassnectar and the Flaming Lips, he has had a wide array of great experiences with very talented musical artists.

Pretty Lights also offers free downloads of any songs from their albums, and continues to travel around the world to put on extraordinary music festivals and rock the universe with their “Electro Hip-Hop Soul”-themed music. Examples of recent singles are “I Know The Truth” and “We Must Go On,” and some albums are “Filling Up the City Skies,” “Passing by Behind Your Eyes” and “Pretty Lights 2011 Remixes.”

Smith uses several software programs to help produce the beats and synthesizing sounds his music lives off of.  He uses two Macbook Pros running Ableton Live 8 (which he uses Novation X-Station, and a monom with) and two Akai MPD32s whilst performing live on stage.

Set to steal the spotlight in the UCF Arena Wednesday at 8pm, the high-energy music of Pretty Lights is for people of all ages.  Tickets purchased at the UCF Arena Box Office may save money, and they offer tickets ranging from $32.50 to $39.50.

To download Pretty Lights’ free music, check out their website here.

To buy cheaper tickets through the UCF Arena Box Office, visit the Arena’s website here.