No-Shave November season is upon us again and this year if you are a member of an IFC fraternity, simply not shaving will raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network in partnership with Knight-thon. took it upon ourselves to scour the UCF campus on Thursday to find the best beards on campus. Although No-Shave November started today, our Comedy Correspondent, Evan Gregory, already got a month long head start on the competition.


According the, the official IFC website there will be a prize for the best beard,  “The member with the best beard will be voted and decided upon at our Frats at Bat Philanthropy on December 2nd and crowned “Best Beard”.


The Unofficial Rules and Guidelines for No-Shave November:

1. Stow away your razor, beard trimmer, or electric razor. You will not be needing that until December.

2. Waxing is out of the question, although we hope you would never dare.

3. Absolutely no trimming of the hair on the upper lip, just let it happen.

4. If one starts to grow a unibrow, plucking is the only allowed method, although it is frowned upon. The unibrow is in style, just ask New Orleans Hornets Forward Anthony Davis.

5. Happy growing.


Check out the video below to see the best beards we found on campus: