The UCF Student Union is known for its variety of clubs, groups and speakers who come out to try and spread their word. It was no different Tuesday afternoon when Brother Jed and Sister Cindy came to the union to preach their beliefs, ideologies and so called “facts.”


George E. Smock, known as Brother Jed, is an evangelical preacher who travels to campuses across the nation to what he calls on his website, “declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the college and university students of America and the world.” Him, along with his wife Cynthia D. Lasseter Smock (a.k.a. Sister Cindy) travel to spread the word of their church, The Campus Ministry USA.


Students gathered around the two preachers outside the union listening, and mocking, the controversial words that were being spoken. At one point the crowd reached more than 50 students and onlookers, many of them had heard the obscure words of the two preachers as they were walking by.


Sister Cindy drew special controversy for her preaching on the “condom gospel” as she held an open condom out above her head advising students that by being “true believers” (in the condom gospel) they will be safe from all SDT’s and STI’s.

“As long as you are a true believer, it will not happen to you,” Sister Cindy declared on behalf of sexually transmitted diseases.

The speakers, who were at UCF’s “free speech zone,” an area just outside the union, left some students saying things such as “is this a real thing” and “this is really weird” along with holding signs that say “this is madness” with the 300 film character posed for action.

“If he [Jesus] was here alive today he would look at this guy be like what are you talking about, I never said an of these things,” one student said, who is majoring in Judaic studies.

Brother Jed then went into what he called “Sex Ed with Brother Jed” in which he, in great detail, went on to explain the movement from marriage to pregnancy. All meanwhile students simply laughed and mocked the preacher.

Brother Jed is expected to be at UCF for the next couple of days.

WEIGH IN–What do you think of the preaching by Brother Jed and Sister Cindy?