The UCF Knights won their second bowl game in school history, defeating the Ball State Cardinals 38-17 at Tropicana field on Friday.

The Knights have a bright future ahead of them, as redshirt sophomore quarterback Blake Bortles had a career night totaling 4 touchdowns on 272 yards passing and 80 yards running. UCF started the game off with a seven and a half minute drive that ended in a Blake Bortles pass to Latavius Murray for a touchdown.


Ball State had no answer for the Knights, going three and out on their first drive, and picking up only one first down in the first quarter before they had to punt it away after three straight incomplete passes by quarterback Keith Wenning.

UCF came right back and off a few deep passes by Bortles and a two yard run for a touchdown by Latavius Murray, the Knights got up 13-0 in the first quarter, having their XP blocked.

The only time in the night that the Ball State Cardinals threatened the Knights was in the second quarter when they chipped away at UCF’s 13-0 lead and got within six points.

After that, the Knights ran away with the game, getting up 28-7 by halftime.

Breshad Perriman was another bright spot in the Knight’s big victory, posting career highs in both receptions and yards. The true freshman only adds to the depth that the Knights will have coming into next season.

Ball State had no answer in the second half and the Knights continued to add to their lead.

Check out the video below for the game recap: