A WKMG Local 6 reporter in Orlando, Jessica Sanchez had an interesting exchange with a 49ers fan who crashed her standup in New Orleans.

Sanchez improvised and told the woman who crashed her standup that she was doing a story on the STD rate on bourbon street before she proceeded to ask the woman how long she has had an STD for. The woman, shocked, said that she didn’t have an STD.


Do you think Sanchez did the right thing in the situation she was in? Let us know by commenting below!

See the video below:


  1. …and, not to mention; she managed to insult NOLA, San Francisco, as well her fellow Orlandoans.

    Sadly, as this ‘news story’ continues to gain the way more attention as a than it deserves, this could make folks (allegedly drunk or sober) hesitant to participate in ‘person on the street’ interviews in the future.

    Way to go, Jess. Taking out your frustration at having to take a ‘hey you’ assignment and live out of a rented Chevy at the biggest party of the year on a PAYING TOURIST who you could have easily let go on her merry way.

    Hope NOT to see you at SB14.

  2. What she did was pretty funny, but, extremly unprofessional. Ive seen other reporters handle that situation with far greater class and respect. Granted, she was annoyed by the interruption and tried to make a joke of it, but, it was extremly rude and vulger to put anyone in that situation. I believe a direct apology should be sufficient

  3. As a working reporter I think that girl should 100% be fired. I’ve had plenty of live shots interrupted. It’s part of the job, and in this case, you’re covering the Super Bowl on Bourbon St. How can you not expect something like this, which seemed like a fairly amicable fan. Grow up, Jessica and don’t give all PROFESSIONAL journalist a bad rap.

  4. Come on, you know you’ve had days like that! That said, I sure wouldn’t have done THAT. More like, back to the studio…

  5. I think it is hilarious, have a sense of humor. I’m sure it is annoying dealing with drunken idiots all night, plus the lady accused of an std can’t say oh that’s rude.. interrupting someone is rude. Simple resolution, don’t be a rude dumbass and expect courtesy. give her a raise. shut up, and laugh. it’s funny.

  6. She was fine. There is nothing worst for a reporter than annoying people jumping into liveshots. Think of your job and somebody jumping in and messing with it all. Yeah, it sucks. She just wanted to get the lady back by embarrassing her and acting like STDs is what they were talking about. That lady will never jump in a live shot again.

  7. This reporter first accused the woman of being drunk (“a zombie, glazed eyes… like this one…”) and then thought she’d do a “payback” for what she’s “had to deal with” on Bourbon Street doing standups during the run up to Mardi Gras. How totally unprofessional of her. If she doesn’t like being on camera doing remote live shots, then maybe her station should remove her from on air work, and put her in the mail room, or in the story library where she doesn’t have to deal with the public while doing her job.

  8. This reporter is highly unprofessional and should be reprimanded, if not fired. She’s insulting the city of New Orleans (I thought she was a N.O.-based reporter at first, but am glad to hear she’s not). ALL reporters get “interrupted” with people behind them waving and/or making news. She’s at the 2nd most celebrated event (Mardi Gras being #1) in New Orleans and if you want the ‘local flavor’ of being in the French Quarter, then you need to be professional and deal with all the circumstances that you encounter with a much better response than something juvenile, and potentially damaging to the other person.

    The station she works for looks equally as bad as she does.

    She needs to apologize to the City of New Orleans, as well as to the individual … ON CAMERA LIVE. What unprofessionalism.

  9. Her joke was funny until she claimed the young lady actually had an std. That part was unprofessional on all levels. Also the smell of bourbon street was irrelevant to her report. Some have said that she needs to lose her job, but that is not called for. She does however need to be reprimanded. All actions have consequences.

  10. No. Jessica Snachez needs to be fired!! That was very unporfessional! She obviously hates her job as she said you can clearly see what I have been dealing with. Go Home Jessica and get a job you really like.Go be a Princess or a witch at Disney!!!

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