Students expressed concern to following a violent robbery that took place on campus early Tuesday morning.

One student, a resident of the Nike dorms, parked her car in the same lot the victim was robbed in only 40 minutes beforehand, telling us it could have just as easily been her or any other student who had been robbed and sent to the hospital. She also told us that her parent was very worried about her safety and is considering having her take self-defense classes to avoid situations like this.

“I called my mom and she wanted to put me in almost self defense classes…that’s ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to why don’t we have police patrolling at night…

Another student told us she was concerned that the police department was within viewing distance of the parking lot in which the robbery took place.

“That’s really bad,” she said. “I mean it seems like the perp(s) should have been apprehended immediately, I mean if you can see them, be right there, the fact that he did it right next to the security [police], that’s bad.” will continue to monitor any action taken by UCF or police to ensure students remain safe.

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