A new logo issued by a group in charge of promoting Florida’s economic development is causing major uproar this week, sparking an unforeseen gender debate.

Enterprise Florida unveiled its new logo last Thursday: the word “FLORIDA” written in green letters, with the “I” represented as orange necktie. The tag line reads, “The Perfect Climate For Business.”



Some feminist critics, however, are not impressed with the new logo, calling the necktie sexist and offensive.


“Perhaps they should add a tag line: ‘Florida is the perfect climate for business if you’re a man,'” Beth Leytham, a Tampa-based public relations executive, wrote in an email to the Tampa Bay Tribune

Enterprise Florida hasn’t yet decided how, when or where to use the logo.

“The brand reflects the state’s existing business foundation, economic power, capabilities and resources, all of which make it a super-state for business,” Enterprise Florida said in a statement. “More than just a logo or a tagline, the Florida business brand provides a common thread that will allow all of the state’s economic development organizations to work together in showcasing Florida as a premier business destination.”

Enterprise Florida Public Relations Manager Sean Helton disagrees tells Fox 35 that their design company interviewed 25 top female executives before launching the brand, and none of them had an initial negative reaction. Helton also said he has no intention of changing it.