Twitter is on fire with Sen. Marco Rubio after he grabbed an awkward swig of bottled water while giving his State of the Union response to President Barack Obama.


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Speak out below about what you think about the water break. Also watch’s last interview with Rubio, where we asked him about Student Government officials hiding how they spend public money.


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  2. Some of you people along with most of the media idiots are nothing but a bunch of stupid unintelligent, two face f liberals. Get a life people and get real. Everyone of these not worth 2 cents politicians have all drank water during their bullshitting speeches. dont be so tunnel vison.

  3. Its funny to see how all these liberals have nothing better to do than comment on a man taking a sip of water. As for some of the comments yes Obama has put on a bigger national debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8. Gas was also 1.85 when bush left office it is now 3.56… If we are so much better off why are we paying more. Look at the facts and don’t criticize someones character when you have nothing else to do.

  4. It could have been done with more grace, it’s ok to be thirsty, didn’t need to be awkward. He is young and it is a big task – In my opinion he is not ready for the big stage. Unfortunately for the republicans, they seem to be having a problem finding a star.

  5. Seriously. There is so much more to talk about then Marco Rubio taking a drink of water during a speech.

    For real?

    Lets focus on the SUBSTANCE of what he SAID. NOT THE WATER HE DRANK!

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