UCF alumnus and Greek Life member Fernando Gonzales Portillo has created a petition on Change.org to oppose UCF’s decision to halt all Greek Life activities at the school.

Photo included with the petition
“Greeks dedicate themselves to the community and to each other by providing community service through creative fundraisers, striving for higher grade-point averages, and building the skills and abilities needed to become strong leaders in their academic, professional and social life,” Gonzales Portillo said in the statement with the petition.

One of the major points brought up in the petition by Gonzales Portillo is the way UCF has handled the situation.

“Ultimately it is to show that the wrongs that UCF wants to address in regards to hazing and alcohol abuse are problem that afflict entire student population as a whole and nationwide. Hazing, alcohol abuse, and underage drinking are issues that are not confined solely within Greek Community, but the Greek Community is being made scapegoats, Gonzales Portillo told KnightNews.com.

Students have taken to the “reason” section of the petition to express their desires to have the ban on activities overturned

“I am a Greek who’s organization has never been on probation for absolutely anything. Now because of the actions of others, we’re being punished,” a student posted on the Change.org website.

We asked Student Government President, Cortez Whatley, what he thought about UCF’s decision to halt all of the Greek Life activities.

“At this point in time we are waiting to receive more information from administration. SGA is working hard to advocate on behalf of the students effected. We will do everything we can to ensure that this phase is as short as possible,” Whatley said.

View the petition HERE.

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