A man identifying himself as a Tower 1 resident and roommate of the UCF student who was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound is speaking out to his friends on social media, according to a copy of a Facebook post sent to KnightNews.com.

The roommate, who KnightNews.com is not naming at this time to protect him from unwanted media attention, said on Facebook that the gunman pulled the fire alarm, waited for him to come out of his room, and pointed the gun at him before the gunman turned the weapon on himself. The roommate was able to get to safety and call 911, according to his Facebook post.

After being sent a copy of the Facebook post, KnightNews.com sent a message to the roommate we were told made the post. He thanked KnightNews.com for reaching out but said he can not talk about the situation right now. He confirmed that he wrote the Facebook post saying he was OK, but asked that we do not share his entire personal message. For that reason KnightNews.com is only posting generic newsworthy information about the gunman the roommate revealed on Facebook.

Police speculate Seevakumaran pulled the fire alarm himself to get students to evacuate. That’s when Seevakumaran pointed a gun at his roommate, who was able to get to safety and dial 911, police said. The roommate’s 911 call made the response to the fire alarm faster, officials said.

UCF did not immediately return our request for comment.