A main who claims he was the roommate of the ex-ucf student who was found dead in his dorm room spoke out to a local reporter, talking about the gunman’s behavior and the scary morning he had on Monday.

According to a Facebook post sent to KnightNews.com, Arabo “BK” says he is the roommate of James Oliver Seevakumaran, the man who apparently shot himself after a failed attempt at a larger attack on campus.


KnightNews.com spoke to the roommate yesterday but he said he was unable to speak to the media about the incidents. Instead he thanked us for our support and asked we do not publish his personal Facebook message he sent out to friends and family Monday afternoon.

Now, UCF owned student news outlet Knightly News, says they sat down and spoke with Arabo “BK” Babakhani, who told them about Seevakumaran’s anti-social behavior and the incident the night before.

Listen to the interview below:

It is believed that Babakhani’s quick action towards calling 911 sped up the response time of responding officials and may have saved many lives.

UCF did not return our request for comment to confirm the identity of the roommate.