Now the closest nutrition store to campus, Total Nutrition isn’t your average supplement store.

“No other store does what we do in terms of personal customization for each customer, we recognize everyone is different and has different goals,” one of the owners Yash Vazirani said. “Instead of recommending short term diets, we help change our customers eating habits and create meal plans for them that not only allow them to eat healthier but save them lots of money as well.”


A meal replacement shake costs about $1, when normally the customer would be spending $4 to $7 to get a meal with that many nutrients and protein.

“Saving money in this economy is important to everyone, especially college students, and we are glad we can help,” Vazirani said.

According to Zach Krempler, the head manager and certified sports nutritionist at Total Nutrition UCF, the most popular item they have brought to the UCF and East Orlando market besides their Lean Active 7 protein is their “Alkalinity Fruits and Greens”.

Juicing, or blending fruits and vegetables together as a meal replacement, is catching on in the clean eating and healthy living culture. This product was specifically designed for these people and for people who don’t like to or don’t have the time to consume their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Mike Tibbetts, a Total Nutrition customer, said “I can’t bring a blender to class and pull carrots and broccoli out of my bag and blend a drink in the back of the room, so being able to get my daily servings in freeze dried powder form that I can take with me in a ziplock bag and mix with water is so clutch.”

Total Nutrition opened February 2nd in University Shoppes next to World of Beer and Anytime Fitness.

Total Nutrition offers a 10% discount for all UCF students and has even deviated from their regular franchise colors and painted the store Black and Gold to show support for the Knights community.