UCF has won its bowl ban appeal and will be eligible for post-season play in their first season in the American Athletic Conference, multiple sources told KnightNews.com on Friday.

The NCAA originally imposed a one-year postseason ban on the men’s football and basketball teams for multiple recruiting violations and “lack of institutional control”. The infractions eventually led to the resignation of then Athletic Director, Keith Tribble.

UCF accepted all penalties, which included reduced scholarship money and the ban on post-season play for basketball. The only penalty UCF appealed was the ban on post-season football, which allowed them to play in the post-season in 2012.

It looks like the gamble has paid off for the Knights who capped off last season by winning their second bowl game in program history against the Ball State Cardinals, 38-17.

The Knights start their season on August 29th at home against the Akron Zips.