A mid-aged suburban man test drives a Chevrolet Camaro for supposedly the first time, only to do donuts and jump sidewalks. When the car dealer has had enough and wants to call the cops, he finds out the driver is actually Jeff Gordon.

Currently, 31-million people have viewed the viral Pepsi MAX video, which was uploaded not even a month ago on March 12th.


Kristina Krkljus, a UCF Alumna, was the creative drive behind the commercial. Working at TWBA\CHIAT\DAY in Los Angeles, Krkljus is the Art Director for the commercial that went viral.

Krkljus graduated from UCF in 2007 with a degree in interpersonal and organizational communications. While at UCF, Krkljust was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and interned at Y Partnership.

“We wanted to leverage Jeff Gordon in an interesting way,” Krkljus told UCF Today. “We wanted to create a piece of content that would appeal to a larger audience and break out of the niche following in the motorsports world.”

Watch the video below: