New details released about the planned attack on the UCF campus show details of the gunman’s communication with a convicted murderer and his troubled life, depicted through a manifesto that tells the story the attack.


A UCF press conference held Friday afternoon to discuss UCF’s own review of its handling of the March planned attack by former UCF student James Seevakumaran included the release of new photos, notes and letters from Seevakumaran – details which displayed the attack and Seevakumaran himself.

Seevakumaran’s autopsy report shows that he was in-fact killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head which investigators say Seevakumaran sustained just minutes before police entered the Tower 1 dorm where he was living.

Of the new details released, a letter written by Seevakumaran depicts the life of a troubled and harassed young man named Damien who, similar to Seevakumaran, had plans to attack and kill people before killing himself.

Another note found within the gunman’s room says “Hate is the key.”

Seevakumaran also had contact with a jailed inmate in a prison in Texas. Trey Sesler, 22, is serving life in prison without parole for killing his parents in early 2012. It was also discovered that Sesler had plans to attack his high school.

A letter from Sesler shows that Seevakumaran had been in contact with him in some way. The FBI is currently investigating this relation, however, authorities don’t believe Sesler was involved in Seevakumaran’s plan. Click here to view that letter.

UCF also reviewed its own policies and handling of the entire incident. The school laid out a series of “lessons learned,” which included positive remarks and items that need improvement or further development. Recommendations were ultimately created to be presented and further investigated for their applicability for the school.

“UCF remains a very, very safe campus, and it’s because of the dedicated hard work of police, staff members and all those who play a part,” said retired Navy Vice Admiral Alfred G. Harms, Jr., UCF’s vice president for Strategy, Marketing Communication and Admissions, who led the two-month review.

View the letter and pictures below. [WARNING, CONTENT MAY BE GRAPHIC]

‘Damien’ Letter

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