Bad news for all you Cheech and Chongs out there. Or is it?

Starting on July 1, all smoking apparatuses will be illegal in the state of Florida. The bill–which was passed almost unanimously, bans the use or sale of drug paraphernalia in Florida.


However, this does not mean that head shops across the state will be closing their doors. The bill was watered down before it passed Senate to prohibit stores from “knowingly and willingly” selling smoking devices that will be used for illegal drugs. Here is the catch–the retailer can offer the devices if they are going to be used for tobacco smoking. Previously, head shops were regulated so that 75% of their sales had to come from tobacco sales.

A fiscal analysis and economic impact statement of the bill claims that the bill will not appear to affect state or local government revenues.

First-time offenders of this new law could face a first degree misdemeanor(a year in jail or a $1,000 fine). Second-time offenders face harsher consequences, at a third-degree felony which could mean up to five years in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg) the sponsor of the ‘bong ban’ bill hopes that this bill will make people drive to other states if they intend to buy the apparatuses for illegal drugs.

“If we can make people drive to Georgia and Alabama and South Carolina to get fireworks, they can drive to get these utensils of death,” Rouson told the Broward New Times.

Sen. Jeff Clemens(D-Lake Worth) one of the few Senators to vote against the ‘bong ban’ is the sponsor of Florida’s medical marijuana bill that has yet to see the floor. In a recent poll done by People United for Medical Marijuana, seven out of ten Americans support marijuana for medical use.


  1. Oh and “all you cheech and chongs” is more offensive than words like “nigger” or “faggot”. Not everyone who smokes pot is two retarded mexican actors ACTING! Poorly written article. Most ADULTS who smoke are responsible medicinal users or responsible recreational users no more similar to cheech and chong than someone who takes nyquil for a cold is to lindsay lohan or charlie sheen. That is a horrid Stereotype From the 70s that makes sick people who want nonharmful meds look like careless jackasses. I should write your future articles for you cause my comments are less offensive are more educational. did you know ben franklin, george washington, and albert einstein all smoked weed? So instead of using “cheech n chong” as a stereotype say “franklins n washingtons” or “americans who honor freedom” or “people who are tired of making rx corporations rich from forcing chemicals with bad side effects On them”. Its clear to see whos side you are on. How much did cvs pay you to write that bs?

  2. Its a bong and no matter what you put in it its not as dangerous as the extremely low minimum wage in florida. I guess ill just have to eat 50 painpills a day cause thats legal and less dangerous than a natural herb. Bs! I refuse to do drugs no matter what the law is so i have my “grandfather” bongs and georgia is 10 mins away. Lets give their state more money cause its not like we need to boost our economy in florida (as the streets of Fla fill with the homeless and jobless). Seriously florida is worse than most 3rd world countries ive seen and needs every penny it can get. This is a big step backwards thanks lawmakers for making California rich and florida poor so people dont confuse the two anymore. Since they look so much alike its hard to tell cal from fla on tv, but in two years when florida looks like cambodia we will clearly know

  3. So many things wrong with this… first that this law was brought up by a former crack head…. 2nd this law does nothing to tackle Floridas crippling problem with more dangerous and life threatening drugs that are flooding florida via pill mills.

    We really need to ask questions as to why the medical bill never sees the floor yet bills like this pass so quickly. Its all about money and the pharmaceutical companies have enough to go around.

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