Students at the University of Central Florida have begun protesting the arrival of the highly controversial Westboro Baptist Church which plans to visit the school in July.

The religious group, widely known for picketing soldier’s funerals, is coming to UCF on July 15 from 9:15 a.m to 9:45 a.m to “remind this generation that they have so enraged the Lord their God that their destruction is imminent!” according to an event page on the group’s website.



Students at UCF, however, have started a Facebook event page protesting the church’s planned demonstration which will take place at one of UCF’s free speech zones.

“The Westboro Baptist Church suddenly feels the need to insult, degrade, and condemn the students of the University of Central Florida…therefore, we are staging a protest,” the Facebook event page description says. “We are going to tell them to crawl back into their pathetic little holes, and leave us the hell alone. We may be “faggots”/”faggot-lovers” or “going to burn in hell,” but I’ll be damned if I dare let anyone of those selfish, pompous, overzealous fools insult or degrade any one of my fellow peers at UCF.”

The Facebook event goes on to tell people that the protest must remain non-physical.

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“Make signs, tell your friends, MAKE THIS VIRAL! But: DO NOT attack them physically in any shape or form. We are smarter, stronger and better.”

Other students, however, argue that protesting an verbally assaulting the group brings one down to their level and ignoring them instead is the best route to take.

“We are better than shouting insults at them,” Zach Colby said. “Do we want to be plastered on the media as people that stoop to there level by attacking the verbally? Or known as the intelligent UCF Knights that we are that raised money for a charity that this WBC would like to destroy. We are Knights, we fight fire with intelligence not fire.”

Nearly 150 people have signed up as “going” to the protest. Continue to check back for further updates.