A new upscale sports dining experience is coming to UCF.

Culpepper’s is planned to be opened where theĀ Ichiban Hibachi Buffet was located on University boulevard. The restaurant, which shares the same name as ex-star UCF quarterback Daunte Culpepper, is aiming to bring tradition and an upscale sports dining experience to UCF.

“At the University of Central Florida, traditions have naturally found roots within its athletic programs. Those traditions openly invite the young and old, neighbors and friends, freshman and alumni, to become a part of the large, diverse family that is the UCF Knights,” their website stated.

KnightNews.com is working on finding out Daunte Culpepper’s exact involvement with the restaurant, but we did learn that another ex-UCF quarterback, Kyle Israel, has involvement in the restaurant.

Culpepper’s is aiming to bring the accomplishments of alumni athlete Knights blended into the architecture with sophistication, but still casual enough for a t-shirt and shorts.

Keep checking back to KnightNews.com for more information on this new restaurant.