UCF is “demon possessed” according to a news release sent out by the Westboro Baptist church proclaiming that they will be indeed picketing the University of Central Florida.

The picket is set to take place Monday, July 15 from 9:15 to 9:45 AM with the area not specified, but will most likely take place in the free speech zone. The highly controversial religious group that has once picketed American soldier’s funerals will be making the trip to UCF because they believe that UCF has “dedicated their University’s resources to LGBTQ services to formally and audaciously extended their middle finger in the face of their creator,” according the press release that was sent to KnightNews.com via Twitter on early Wednesday.


Students have not been quiet about the news of Westboro Baptist coming to UCF, when the news broke on Sunday a protest page created by students got to 150 attending a protest in a matter of hours. On Wednesday, the Facebook event page is over 600 attending with over 4,000 invited.

Some do not think that protesting the church is the right thing to do, however. “We are better than shouting insults at them,” Zach Colby said. “Do we want to be plastered on the media as people that stoop to there level by attacking the verbally? Or known as the intelligent UCF Knights that we are that raised money for a charity that this WBC would like to destroy. We are Knights, we fight fire with intelligence not fire.”

The release sent could be considered NSFW due to a graphic picture on it, but you can view it here.