Monday night, students and loyal fans ventured to the CFE Arena at UCF for an exhilarating performance by a band that has been sweeping the globe with their music, Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is most commonly known for their hit song, Radioactive.

This was one of the last shows in the U.S. Night Visions tour, as the band will be travelling internationally for the remaining months in the year. Accompanying the band was opening acts, Paper Route and The Neighbourhood.

Imaginedragons_3 Paper Route was first to take the stage. The electronic-pop quad began the concert and brought a calming but lively and fun presence to the crowd. Different shades of blue lighting were used to match the beat of their songs.

The next to perform, The Neighbourhood brought the crowd to life to prepare them for the next act, all while enjoying their performance. The Neighbourhood, a California band used emphasized lighting techniques and played on them to their advantage. Strobes would flash at a constant rate as they danced and jumped around across the stage. Their newest song is titled, “I Love You,” and is definitely worth checking into if you like the sound Imagine Dragons produces.

When it was time for Imagine Dragons to take on the Orlando crowd, the arena erupted into fits of fans screaming for their beloved artist to take the stage. The performance began with an instrumental introduction that brought everybody in the crowd to their feet in anticipation.


The set list was as follows: Round and Round, Amsterdam, Tiptoe, Hear Me, Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older), Rocks, It’s Time, 30 Lives, Demons, Hang Me Up To Dry (Stand By Me), Underdog, On Top of the World, and Radioactive.

Throughout the performance, the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, repeatedly said how thrilled and grateful he was for how far the band has come in such a short period of time. The band formed only five years ago in October of 2008.

Also, giant multi-colored balloons filled with paper confetti were released during the performance of On Top of the World. Fans scrambled to try and get their hands on one. Soon, it became a trend to pop the balloons so the confetti would cover the crowd. After each pop, the crowd and Imagine Dragons would cheer then continue to play their music.

Fans refused to leave their seats at the end of the show, they just wanted more. Chanting voices filled the arena with the words ‘encore’. People began to stomp their feet, and bang their hands on the backs of the seats to create an energetic craving aura.

Imagine Dragons once again took the stage for an encore and performed one of my personal favorites, Nothing Left to Say.

The overall performance was beyond what I expected. It was superb. I will definitely be seeing Imagine Dragons again next year when they start touring in the United States again.