A new report just released by UCF shows that aggravated assaults on UCF’s main campus nearly doubled last year compared to 2011.

According to the Annual Security and Fire Safety Guide released by UCF, there were 20 reported aggravated assaults on-campus last year and eleven in 2011. There were also 11 reported forcible sex offenses on-campus last year compared to six in 2011.

Other notable stats include:

– Robbery 2011: 6, 2012: 3
– Burglary 2011: 27, 2012: 25
– Motor Vehicle Theft 2011: 20, 2012: 11
– Liquor Law Arrest 2011: 105, 2012: 131
– Liquor Law Referral 2011: 135, 2012: 111
– Drug Law Arrest 2011: 51, 2012: 39
– Drug Law Referral 2011: 62, 2012: 76

Earlier in September, a UCF student was charged with raping another student on campus. In a separate, off campus incident, a UCF student was sexually assaulted by a gunman.

UCF Vice President Dr. Maribeth Ehasz issued a statement after the attacks were reported.

“This report, and others recently, remind us that safety must be the top priority for our UCF community,” Ehasz said. “Safety should be at the forefront of our minds wherever we are: on campus or off, at home or traveling. As a community, we must look out for each other at all times.”