Friday night, UCF students and locals flocked to the Downtown Disney area to see one of the last shows of the ‘Summer Fest’ tour at the House of Blues.

This included a line up of: Like The Movies, The Ready Set, T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, and We The Kings.

I have to say, this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and that’s saying a lot. The energy the crowd was giving off was spectacular, not to mention the set list each band performed was superb.

The show began with the opening act of Like The Movies. They are a Pop band from Orlando, Florida and are made up of singer Chris Ganoudis and drummer Nick Davila. Their newest single, With You is now available on iTunes and is most definitely worth the money.

Up next was one of my personal favorites, The Ready Set. Most commonly known for the song, Love Like Woe, the band brought the crowd to life. Jordan, the lead of the group was dancing enthusiastically with the crowd, encouraging them to jump around, sing the words, and just go crazy.

While the singer performed his most common songs, he performed a couple off of his new up-coming record. The set list was as follows: Young Forever, Carry Me Home, Killer, More Than Alive, Long Way Home, Love Like Woe, and Give Me Your Hand. I would recommend this artist for anyone who likes pop-electronic, up-beat music.

After The Ready Set, a small break was taken to set up the next artist to perform, T. Mills.

The rapper with a pop twist, kept the crowd alive and going while performing. This artist is known for his singles, She Got A… and Vans On. His set list was as follows: She Got A…, Right Song, Diemonds, Loud, All I Wanna Do, Hundred, and Vans On. I thought his light show was one of the cooler parts of his performance. The lights would match the beat of the bass in the background, and every once in a while a strobe light would play in and you could see the outline of his body dancing in the shadows as he was singing.

Breathe Carolina was next, and like the other two artists prior, was able to keep the crowd energetic and wild.

The electronic rock duo is comprised of Colorado natives, Kyle Even and David Schmitt. This band is known for their hit single, Blackout that was released in 2011. Although most of their songs are very up-beat and electronic sounding, a couple of them switch off between what they’re known for and screaming. It makes the song work, but I know not everybody likes that type of music. Their set list was as follows: Hello Fascination, Hit n’Run, Mistakes, I.D.G.A.F., Last Night (Vegas), Wooly, a cover of Billy Jean by the late Michael Jackson, and Black Out.

I really enjoyed their performance; they had no problem going crazy with the crowd over every song they performed. Last but most certainly not least, the headliner, We The Kings took the stage. I thought there were a lot of fans their already but as the band was preparing to take the stage, at least another one-hundred people squeezed into the floor area.

The lights went black, the band took the stage, the screaming of fans started to echo, and the music began to play. When the lights came back on to the beat of the music, beach balls were released into the crowd to bop around and have fun with.

It didn’t even feel like a concert, it felt like one big party with the band and they just happened to be singing us their music. Throughout their performance fans were dancing and singing while throwing the famous ‘W’ sign in the air with their hands for the band. The five-man band is from Bradenton, FL and throughout the show, they all expressed how good it felt to finally be ‘home’ after a two-month tour; this was their second to last performance of the Summer Fest Tour.

Performing thirteen of their most common songs, and an encore of three additional songs, We The Kings stole the night away. Their set list was as follows: Find You There, Skyway Avenue, What You Do to Me, She Takes Me High, a cover of Stay by Rihanna, Secret Valentine; Party, Fun Love & Radio, Just Keep Breathing, Friday is Forever, a drum solo, a cover of Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Any Other Way, and We’ll Be a Dream. The encore included a cover of Billionaire by Bruno Mars, Say You Like Me, and Check Yes Juliet.

During the performance of Friday is Forever, one lucky fan was pulled up on stage. Travis Clark, the lead singer, serenaded the lucky lady, and ended the performance with a kiss on the cheek while the crowd went insane.

I can say I was flat-out beyond envious of this girl.

After the show was over, fans anxiously waited out side for the bands to come out and greet them if they were able to. Security wasn’t going to allow the band to come out, but after over an hour and a half of waiting, the gates opened and Coley O’Toole and Charles Trippy snuck out to take a giant group picture with the fans. It can be found on their Facebook page.

Anyone there was able to tell that the performers had just as fun as the crowd did. At the end of the night, Travis from We The Kings tweeted, “ Orlando I’m speechless…tonight was beyond unbelievable : ) thanks for EVERYTHING!”

The Breathe Carolina twitter account also tweeted that night after the show and said, “Last night in Orlando was the best show of this tour! And the best show we’ve ever played there. Thank you guys so much!”