UCF’s kickoff specialist Sean Galvin has been an integral part to the well-oiled machine that has been UCF football for the past two games.

Recording nine touchbacks on fourteen kickoffs, Galvin has quietly put together a very impressive two games at a position that most never talk about.

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When he came to the states, he continued to play soccer until high school when he started to kick a football and realized that he was pretty good at it. By good, Galvin earned himself a spot as the kickoff specialist for UCF football.


In July, UCF and Penn State came to terms to finalize a deal that would kick off their 2014 season in Ireland. For players and coaches on both squads, that means an all-expense paid trip to Europe to play football in an environment and crowd unlike anything they’ve ever done before.
For Galvin, it means something more.

Besides his parents–none of Gavlin’s family or back home friends have ever been able to see him play American football. Conveniently, Galvin’s hometown of Cork is just about three hours away from Croke Park, where the game will be held.

“It’s awesome because my grandparents can’t come over here because they are getting older so they will be able to come watch along with all my cousins,” Galvin said.

Watch the full video interview above.
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