The University of Central Florida has asked the state for $118.1 million to fund projects in 2014.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, UCF made a case on Oct. 9 to the Florida Board of Governors’ finance and facilities committee, which overseas the state’s universities and creates the list of prioritized construction projects, for the funding.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, UCF is seeking state funding for the following projects:

UCF Valencia Classroom Building: Request: $7.5 million
The University of Central Florida’s share of the cost to build the UCF Valencia classroom building in Osceola County. That building has already been built, but UCF still owes Valencia College $3.75 million for it. The facility created 15 permanent jobs.

UCF Arts Complex, Phase 2: Request: $50 million
This is the second phase of the Performing Arts Center. Phase I was classrooms, support and studio space. Phase 2 is a 600-seat concert hall, a 263-seat recital hall, a 520-seat proscenium theater and a 225-seat black box theater. The school is asking for $50 million in state funding, in addition to the $17 million in private donations the school has raised for the project, for a total budget of $67 million. The facility will create 316 construction jobs and 39 permanent jobs; additional benefits include creating a talent pipeline for the tourism industry. The facility would be finished in January of 2017.

Engineering Building 1 Renovation: Request: $14.9 million
This building is 30 years old, and the state has already contributed $3.6 million of the $18.5 million needed, leaving $14.9 million remaining to be funded. The project would create 118 construction jobs, but no new permanent jobs. Renovations could be finished in January 2017.

Interdisciplinary Research Facility: Request: $45.7 million
This project got $5.9 million in 2010, but that money was since spent on the Classroom II building project. That means UCF still needs $45.7 million for the project, which would house nano-science technology, advanced materials processing and analysis, optics and lasers, and energy research. It will also house the UCF business incubator program, which, on average, creates graduates with an average salary $67,541. The project would create 350 construction jobs and 83 permanent jobs. This project would have an annual economic impact of $10.6 million per year, said UCF economist Sean Snaith. The facility could be opened in mid-2017.

If funding were to be received in full, the projects would create work for 784 construction workers and add 122 permanent jobs into the local economy, the Orlando Business Journal says.