As a special way to bring awareness and support to breast cancer and finding a cure, the UCF swim club changed their normal swim attire for something a bit brighter.

October is known nationally as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ throughout the U.S.. Research, support, and fundraisers all happen in the four weeks to raise awareness for the cause.


Earlier this week, the UCF Swim Club dove into a different type of meet that would do just that.

UCF student Dillon Copa started with a small idea and watched it grow. He wanted to raise awareness for breast cancer while having fun.

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Copa and his team wore bright pink swim caps, and had buttons that read, “only real men wear pink,” to show their support for the cause prior and during the meet.

When asked what he hoped the team would gain from the experience Copa said, “to show everyone we are together, to show our support for breast cancer awareness, and to strengthen the unity of the team. It was overall a great experience.”

Gigi Copa, Dillion’s mom and an 8-year breast cancer survivor, was proud of the team for displaying their support for such a great cause.

“They were trying to bring awareness to Breast Cancer which is disease that affects many every day,” Copa said. “This team wanted to set the precedent for other college swim clubs out there and let them know that they support breast cancer awareness.”