If the music of the 80s was characterized by sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, then today’s music fad is undoubtedly raves and electronic dance music.

It’s no secret that EDM has broken onto the scene and is leaving its mark on popular culture. You can’t even turn on the radio anymore without hearing it. The 80’s had rock, the 90s had boy bands, and we have EDM.


I for one love that our generation’s music will be marked with techno beats and laser light shows. These concerts, or raves, are known for their high energy music and friendly atmosphere that keep ravers coming back for more. Whether you think they are just a trend or here to stay, raves are a major part of the music culture right now. After attending Sunset Music Festival, EDC, TomorrowWorld and countless smaller shows, I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about raves and the EDM culture. My experiences have not only taught me what kind of things to expect, but also little lessons and tips to help make for the best rave experience possible.

Raves are for everyone. It’s the one type of concert I know of where everyone is accepted. There’s a certain kind of crowd that you expect to see at The Vans Warped Tour or at a Justin Bieber concert, and if you’re not a 13-year-old girl you will probably be looked at funny. But at raves, everyone is accepted and no one is rejected.

Completely charge your phone before you get to the rave. Between all the photos and videos you take and your constant texting to try to meet up with people, your battery usually won’t last the day. To conserve your battery, put your phone on airplane mode and wait to upload to social media until you are home.

Make a designated meet up spot with your crew so that if you get separated and your phone does die, you can still rejoin the group. Bring a unique identifier if you’re with a big group or if you plan to meet up with a lot of people. That way it is easy for your friends to spot your location in the crowd. Anything, from a light-up teddy bear tied to a pole to a flag waving in the wind, will do the trick.

Friends make the best seats.

No outfit is off limits. Any of your 90s left-overs or any bright neon clothing will do just fine.

If you want to make a lot of new friends, bring big blow up animals, large cardboard cutouts of strange faces, or wear a costume. Everyone loves a raging banana.

Two words: comfortable shoes.

Everyone is “PLUR” until you post up in front of them in the crowd. Peace, love, unity, and respect are largely embodied in the EDM community. But the second you push your way to the front of the crowd and pick your rage spot in front of the wrong person, things can get catty. Though I guess that comes along with any concert.

No one really fights at raves. How many times have you been to a rock concert and seen drunken guys beat the crap out of each other? How many fights have you heard of or seen at raves? Exactly. The people at raves are usually extremely friendly and helpful. Granted, you may say it’s the drugs, but still, ravers tend to be pretty peaceful.

Kandi is the easiest way to approach a hottie.

Earplugs. Seriously, use them. Once you’ve been to enough shows you’ll notice the ringing in your ears and the damage you are causing. The music is still loud as hell, and you’ll be so happy you used them later.

Always go up to the guys dressed like Waldo and scream, “I found you!” They always have a story to be told or something interesting to say.

Bring a Camelback filled with water or make friends with someone who has one.

Don’t go to raves if you’re not in it for the music. If you’ve never soberly danced around your house to EDM music, you are at the rave for the wrong reasons. Nothing bothers me more than the people that go to raves to do drugs or just because festivals are popular right now. People forget that it’s about the music. If you’re only going because your friends are, or because you want an excuse to do drugs, you are ruining the scene for those of us who really love the music. Do EDM a favor and stay home.