Saturday night’s concert at the CFE Arena kicked-off the beginning of another very promising Homecoming Week! DJ Crespo, TimeFlies, and Benny Benassi all rocked the house while fans enjoyed not only the music, but the outstanding stage and lighting production.

concert knight3 Around 5:30 p.m., students began lining up outside of the arena eager to rush the stage. As promised, students were let in at exactly 7 p.m. and were given foam lights as they entered. I would like to commend the Homecoming directors, as they did a fantastic job at making sure the entire production was running on schedule and that each performer began right on time.

Upon entering, you couldn’t help but awe at the amazing stage production! They had multiple scrolling LED signs, many colorful laser lights that flooded the entire arena, spontaneous showers of confetti, waves of fog, and an incredibly lit DJ booth with a large screen behind it that displayed a variety of colorful shapes and images throughout the evening. They even had two large LED robots that raged with the crowd and even shot sparks of fire from the stage. I was really impressed with the amount of effort they put into it.

concert knight2 It’s no surprise that the performers were just as excellent as the scenery. DJ Crespo immediately had the crowd off their feet by playing remixes to popular songs. Once TimeFlies took the stage, he had the ladies crooning with his boy-bandish good looks. But as expected, Benny Benassi absolutely killed it. He played many favorites such as “Cinema” and the remix to “Satisfaction”, along with other popular EDM songs. My only complaint is that his set seemed a little short. But I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

Untitled-5 All in all, Concert Knight exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to be a blast, but I think the lights and the production really made it that much more enjoyable. When asked about the event, Concert Knight Director, Sydney Altfield said “The homecoming concert this year was definitely one for the books. Our production pushed the limits in every shape and form with the robots, lasers, and co2 cannons just to name a few. The talent that radiated off our 60 foot stage was some of the best talent to play at the CFE Arena. And what could be better than a freestyle UCF edition by TimeFlies!?”

After a night like last night, I’m eager to see what the rest of homecoming week has in store for us!