UCF’s Blake Bortles is the No. 2 NFL quarterback prospect in the country.

According to Scout Inc.’s draft board (left) on ESPN.com, Bortles is now rated the 14th overall prospect in the draft process and is the No. 2 QB prospect behind Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater.

Untitled-1 Bortles has helped lead the No. 16 Knights to a miraculous season in the new American Athletic Conference. With 22 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and an average of 276 yards per game on the season, its no wonder that Bortles is at the top of the NFL draft discussion.

But the questions is: will Bortles return for another season with UCF or head to the NFL?

According to the Orlando Sentinel’s sports writer Paul Tenorio, Bortles has the ability to file pre-draft paperwork to the NFL Draft Advisory Board to gauge his stock among NFL teams and scouts. The board will then tell Bortles his potential for being picked in a high round.

But filing the paperwork does not necessarily mean Bortles will declare for the draft.

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The Knights have come close in recent games and long passes by Bortles has helped keep the dream alive. Bortles managed a 52-yard touchdown pass late in the 4th quarter during last week’s rivalry game against USF that helped secure UCF’s first program win versus the Bulls.

The Knights have one week left in the regular season with a game against SMU. A win would secure an outright American Athletic Conference title and BCS berth.