In a season that UCF started unranked, the No. 10 Knights fought their way to a 12-1 record, American Athletic Conference title and finally a BCS victory.

On Wednesday night the Knights were honored at a pep rally in the CFE Arena where thousands of fans came to support their favorite players and coaches. After the Knights knocked off Baylor 52-42 in the Fiesta Bowl, school spirit has been rampant throughout Orlando.

When the Knights returned back to campus after the win hundreds of fans came to support, local businesses have put up signs congratulating the Knights on the victory and even Walt Disney World is hosting a parade on Sunday.

UCF head coach George O’Leary did not want this to be a one time thing for the Knights. During his speech he reiterated that the Knights need to continue to build their national brand and the top 10 finish in the AP poll helped tremendously.

“Right now throughout the country, they know who UCF is,” Coach O’Leary said in his address to the arena.

The Knights will be losing only nine players this upcoming year, most notably Storm Johnson and Blake Bortles who accounted for 45/54 UCF touchdowns this season.