The Student Government Senate has determined that the three impeachment charges against President Melissa Westbrook do have merit as impeachable offenses — therefore impeaching Westbrook.

We interviewed Senator Clifford Rice, who spoke to about writing the impeachment affidavit and the steps moving forward in the impeachment process.

During Thursday night’s Senate meeting, the senate body determined that the allegations filed against Wesbtrook by UCF student and Senator Clifford Rice did contain enough merit to be considered impeachable offenses. The impeachement affidavit, filed by Rice on Jan. 23, includes three charges: neglect of duties, violation of Sunshine Law and misuse of funds.

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Under SGA Statutes, once any of the charges are found to have merit, the individual being charged is officially impeached. That person, however, is not removed from office.

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A removal hearing to determine whether or not to take Wesbtrook out of office is expected to be scheduled two to four weeks from tonight’s meeting, according to SGA statutes.