Warm weather, perfect bodies, a sunny beach, and college kids running loose can only mean one thing: Spring Break!

It’s something that college students wait (and work out) all spring term for! There are many activities to do during spring break and here’s a rundown on some of those.

Luckily, Florida is one of the best states for break! Many students take trips to sunny beaches where they get to swim and tan all day and party all night. Other beach activities include fishing and trying new water sports such as parasailing or kayaking to mark off of their bucket-lists!

Many groups of friends pull in all their money to go on cruises or trips. “I can’t wait to board the ship and enjoy the great shows and amazing destinations!” says Sophomore Jenny Diaz. Trips like these are memories made which make their friendships even stronger.

Although going away is fun, some people enjoy going back to the comfort of their home. It may seem bad to some people but it is an opportunity to catch up with old friends, cuddle with your pets, eat amazing local food, sleep, and catch up with all your shows on Netflix! Now who doesn’t like that?

For the artsy souls, they feel that it’s a time to catch up on their talents and explore new genres of music or different types of paints. They explore their talents and find new projects to do whether it is make a band or sculpture. They also find concerts to go too and clubs to dance in through the night.

As much fun as it is to go to beaches and concerts, Spring Break can also be very rewarding. People go out and volunteer in different ways with animal shelters, schools, etc. “I’m going to Mississippi with VUCF and help teach children in a Teach for America school!” says Senior Madeleine Rodriguez.

Have fun this spring break and remember to stay safe and make memories that last a life time!