We all have to do it and at times it can be really dreadful. Hours are spent at the library, All Knight Study and you are left feeling washed out. So why not do something so that those hours don’t seem as terrible as they really are? Listen to study music! It is music that keeps you from getting distracted because of boredom and helps you focus on studying and getting work done.

Some people have a hard time focusing in a silent environment and either fall asleep or find another mind-simulating activity to do which keeps them from studying. So what exactly counts as good music that you can study to? Usually, music that does not have lyrics in it and is mostly instrumental classifies as the best music to study with.

In fact, studies have shown that classical music (such as Mozart’s) can improve mental performance.

However, some people do not enjoy classical music like Beethoven’s or Vivaldi’s. Luckily for them, there are bands that do covers of famous songs like the ones heard on the radio.

One of the most renowned cover bands in the world that is great to study along to is Vitamin String Quartet. They have a wide spectrum of music that they play including tributes to movies, bands and even music festivals like Coachella. It is music that you already know but with the sung parts replaced by instrumentals. No matter what genre you like, they have it covered.

Besides classical music, there is also another genre of music which is great for studying: Chillwave. It is relaxing indie electronic music that does not distract but will keep you entertained and relaxed enough to study long hours. Some bands that are great to study with for this genre include: Neon Indian, Pretty Lights, Washed Out, and Toro y Moi.

Before you study, make a playlist with the songs you already know and love so that you waste no time picking and choosing. Another tip is to not crank the music all the way or else it will distract you from what your main focus is. Studying is undoubtedly hard but can be made bearable if you make a great playlist to keep you entertained!

Here is a link to a VSQ playlist to help you study and conquer those tests!