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Sen. Campbell’s text appears on the right.

How can someone vote on an impeachment, if they don’t know what an impeachment is? has discovered multiple senators are doing just that.


One apparent example is UCF SGA Sen. Stephen Campbell. In texts with an individual obtained by, Campbell expressed that Melissa Westbrook was not impeached — however, that was just moments after the senate did in fact vote to impeach her.


“You vote to impeach?” the individual asked Sen. Campbell.


Campbell responded, “No votes were cast to impeach. We only voted today as to if the accusations did have merit.”

But, according to UCF SGA statutes, “Should the Senate conclude by majority vote that the Affidavit(s) does warrant further investigation and does fall within the jurisdiction of being an impeachable offense, the accused is considered impeached.”

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Sen. Campbell’s texts appear on the right.

Later in the conversation, after being corrected with the information that had reported that she had in fact been impeached, Campbell stated, “And actually nevermind I guess Westbrook was ‘impeached’ in the denotative sense. I generally think impeach as the actual removal from office.”

When asked about texts received by, Campbell had no comment. is currently going through several pages of texts, emails, and Facebook messages involving SGA business from Senators that we requested under Florida’s Public Record Law.

Check back for more stories as we continue to investigate the public records.