has obtained the Spring 2014 chapter sizes and recruitment numbers.

Phi Delta Theta remained the largest fraternity on campus with 155 total actives and new members, Theta Chi grew to the second largest fraternity at 118 total members and Zeta Beta Tau is the third largest at 117 total members. The largest pledge classes were Phi Delta Theta at 31 new members, Tau Kappa Epsilon at 21 and Pi Kappa Phi at 20 new members.

It total, there were 181 men that joined one of the 14 IFC fraternities in Spring 2014, making the total number of IFC Greeks at 1,137. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is also colonizing this semester, so they were not included in the total numbers.

The total number of men joining inter-fraternity council chapters was down slightly 194 in Spring 2013. It is to be noted, there were multiple fraternities on suspension this spring.

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