The UCF SGA Presidential and Vice-Presidential campaigns kicked off on Tuesday with the first presidential debate taking place in the Student Union.

Jessica Gottsleben is running for President on the “Revolutionizing Knighthood” ticket with her running mate Lucdwin Luck. Weston Bayes is running for President on the “Stand Uknighted” ticket with his running mate Sydney Altfield.

Candidates answered general campaign questions as well as questions from the public that were first screened by election commissioners.

Although both sides differ in background, they each bring different campaign philosophies to the table from their experience in leadership positions among UCF to campaign issues. However, both parties stand firm on the belief that they are running for the ability to better UCF in its entirety.

“I just want to serve back to the University,” VP Candidate Sydney Altfield said when asked why she wanted to run for UCF SGA Vice-President.

“We are not just your leaders in SGA, we are your fellow knights,” Presidential Candidate Jessica Gottsleben said when asked about her all-inclusive platform.

The next presidential debate is going to be held on March 18 at 7 p.m. in the Cape Cod Ballroom Room 316AB.