As the school semester is coming to a close, finals are coming near.

Students are starting to prepare for the spring semester’s final exams. This can be an extremely stressful time for many students but there are various ways to study and places to go prepare that can help out and reduce the stress.

Many students find that it is easier for them to study when away from their room or dorm. They have too many distractions there and need to find another place to study in order to concentrate.

“I can zone out and focus more without the distraction of familiar surroundings like my television or video games” says Freshman Jocelyn Burrell.

Some good places to go and study around campus are:

· Spacious and meditative areas such as the reflection pond, arboretum or memory mall.
· Quiet areas such as the library
· All Knights Study I or II
· Buildings where people do not go in often in a pretty empty floor
· Other areas to check out: Technology Commons, Lake Claire, Bookstore, Behind the Student Union

If you are studying in a group, be sure to be courteous to other around you and try to study in an area where other groups are studying and talking. It can break someone’s focus really easily and distract them. When studying in the library, be courteous to those around you. Avoid things like: talking, loud chip or snack bags, too loud of headphone music etc.

Some things to help studying and knowledge retention is to leave in only important notes which are necessary to the topic. Other additives will only distract from what is really important. Using resources other than a textbook to further understand an also help aid you in comprehension.

The only thing that will help you understand certain things is through much practice.

Besides actually studying, also remember to take small, in-between breaks and allow yourself time to relax so that you don’t drive yourself mad. It is common to study and not remember things several minutes after studying them because you are not taking enough time to let it settle down before going on to something else.

Study hard and good luck on finals Knights!