Police at the University of Central Florida are investigating the Psi Mu Chapter of Chi Omega after allegations of hazing pledges surfaced.

A report obtained by KnightNews.com alleges that on April 4, two pledges of Chi Omega were blindfolded and led into the UCF Arboretum on campus where they were then told to finish an entire bottle of rum before they could leave.


According to to the report, several sisters then dropped the pledges off at a campus parking garage where they wandered around drunk with no way home. Eventually one of the pledge’s boyfriend picked up the pair and took them home.


“Both were intoxicated and unable to find their way back to their apartments on foot,” the report says.

Chi Omega’s national headquarters is reported to have found out about the incident the following day after executive members of the chapter reported it.

“Upon learning of the incident, the Chi Omega national organization immediately informed university officials and the chapter began its internal disciplinary process,” Whitney Heckathorne, a spokeswoman for the national organization told Local 6. “Through this process all three members involved have voluntarily resigned their Chi Omega membership.”

UCF placed the sorority under an emergency suspension with charges of violating UCF’s hazing, alcohol and disruptive conduct rules on top of the police investigation.

The sorority will meet with university officials to review the suspension later this month.