By: Bridgette Matter

Education is anything but cheap these days, and those looking to attend the University of Central Florida could see over $1,400 added to their tuition bill each year. If this passes it would go into effect fall 2015.


Health insurance may become a University enrollment requirement. Right now 21% of UCF students do not have insurance. SGA president Melissa Westbrook made universal health care part of her platform. Westbrook wants insurance accessible to all. Students we spoke to had mixed feelings.

“I can understand how it can be important to have health care…Now in terms of mandating it, I think that’s confrontational for a student because it takes away your right,” said Todd Girdley.

This leaves us asking, would this negatively affect enrollment numbers and lead to a greater financial burden to those who already struggle to cover the cost of education?

“I don’t think it will affect enrollment too much because kids still have the option of being on their parent’s plans,” said Dustin Holmes.

If this passes roughly $1,460 each year would be added to tuition, and financial aid can be used to help cover the cost.

Florida governor Rick Scott is not backing this proposal.

“Governor Scott is concerned with the increase in tuition and fees that is burdening families. Ultimately individual health choices should be left up to the students,” said Scott’s spokesman John Tupps.

The University of Florida already mandates heath insurance, and they say it has not effected their enrollment numbers.

The financial committee has not voted on this topic yet, needing additional time to weigh the pros and the cons. Once a decision is made, the Board of Trustees will review it and make the final decision.