Days after a hazing scandal involving the Chi Omega sorority at the University of Central Florida, has obtained a heavily redacted police report from the incident showing that cops may be going after two different charges.


According to the police report, at least one pledge was underage and UCFPD say two offenses were committed: Selling, giving, or serving alcohol to someone under 21 and college hazing with risk of injury or death. Both offenses are misdemeanors which could result in some jail time.


Most of the six page long police report is blacked out, including names of the victims, the sisters involved and nearly all of the details on just what happened that night.

On April 4, two pledges of Chi Omega were blindfolded and led into the UCF Arboretum on campus where they were then told to finish an entire bottle of rum before they could leave, according to documents from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The pledges were then dropped off at a campus parking garage where they wandered around drunk with no way home.

Eventually one of the pledge’s boyfriend picked up the pair.

The sorority is awaiting a review with the university on April 25. Police are continuing to investigate. Keep following for updates on this story.