The UCF paintball team won the national championship against the UCONN Huskies this past April and the re-play of the match will air on CBS Sports Network.

The paintball squad, which just recently became an official sports club in 2012, turned into a powerhouse team in just two years. The Knights came out victorious at the 2014 National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) National Championship held in Lakeland, Florida April 11 thru 13.

The Knights competed against 14 other universities across the nation including Temple and Penn State before beating the UCONN Huskies 14-6 in the championship game. The games are set up in 5 vs. 5 style, where the goal is to eliminate the other teams players and hang the flag on the opposing team’s starting base.

Each half is ten minutes with a five minute intermission between the halves. Points are scored by hanging the flag on the other team’s starting base.

The re-play of the match will air on Saturday, May 17 on CBS Sports Network. Watch the video below for more: