The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UCF is currently on interim suspension following hazing allegations during the fraternity’s “hell week,” confirmed with a UCF official.

The fraternity was placed on interim suspension after a pledge of the Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter sent an e-mail to College Algebra professor Mr. Plemmons asking if he could have extra time on his homework.

UPDATE: Read full email from pledge, UCF suspension letter

“This week was hell week where I had to stay at the house all week and do many various tasks, this weekend I was initiated and had no time to do homework,” the pledge stated in the e-mail to Professor Plemmons.


Professor Plemmons sent an e-mail to Director of ┬áStudent Affairs Clay Coleman asking if it was normal for a fraternity to not allow a student to go to class during “hell week.”

Coleman then submitted a report to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to investigate the incident further.

Tau Kappa Epsilon had an initial organizational interim suspension hearing on May 5, but remained on organizational interim suspension until another hearing is set to address the alleged violations.

While on organization interim suspension, Tau Kappa Epsilon will only be able to gather at regularly scheduled business meetings.