Florida students living in the country illegally will now be able to qualify for in-state tuition rates under a bill signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott.

The bill was signed privately on Monday, but Scott plans to tout the signing at a campaign event, according to the Associated Press.

The newly signed law offers in-state tuition to undocumented students that have been attending school in Florida for at least three years prior to graduation. The current in-state tuition costs a quarter of what out of state students pay.

“Making sure all Floridians have access to an affordable higher education is one of my top priorities. Signing this historic legislation today will keep tuition low, and allow all students who grew up in Florida to have the same access to affordable higher education. With this legislation, higher education became more affordable and more accessible to all Floridians,” Gov. Rick Scott said in a press release on Monday.

The in-state tuition bill has been brought up many times before, but this time even GOP House Speaker Will Weatherford supported the passing of the bill.

“The dreams of many individuals looking to further their education are now within reach. I thank Governor Scott for giving all of Florida’s children a chance to succeed. This is a proud and historic moment for Florida,” Weatherford said in a press release.