UCF football has arrived!

The team, cheerleaders and fans landed in Dublin, Ireland bright and early, around 4 a.m. Orlando time on Wednesday morning.


After what UCF President Hitt told Knight News was a smooth flight for everyone, the team will try and get some rest to quell the jet lag before putting on pads for their first practice in Ireland.

“A lot of people are pumped, it’s great a trip, a great opportunity for the team so we’re just happy to be here,” Hitt said.

The Dublin airport was ready for the Knights as well, decking the airport out in black and gold balloons along with welcome signs upon arrival.

While the Knights get ready for practice as the opening game of the season is just days away, there will be a couple obvious adjustments to work with in Ireland.

Not only will the time change be a bit of an adjustment for the team, the change in weather is significant compared to Orlando. Ireland has been at a low of 55 degrees farenheight with a high a 60 degrees farenheight.

The Knights’ first practice is Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. IST, or 10 a.m. Orlando time. Knight News will be at the first practice and give you full coverage from Ireland.

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