UCF is instituting a new policy starting this fall that will jeopardize students’ aid if they aren’t academically engaged in each of their classes during the first week, which ends Aug. 27.

“Without verification of this engagement, students will be in jeopardy of not receiving all of their aid,” Brian Boyd, university registrar, and Alicia Keaton, director of student financial aid, said in the email to students.


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Officials from UCF sent out an email explaining the new policy stating that professors will be documenting students’ involvement the first week of school by either academic activity or attendance.


UCF said that students and faculty will be using Webcourses to confirm all academic activity. Students are advised to check for assignments from each of their courses and submit them no later than Aug. 27.

“I think that [the policy] it’s good and bad. I understand the need for the school to be informed about the status of students receiving aid,” Kailyn Baker, a senior majoring in psychology, said.

“On the other hand, I think that at this point in time we’re adults,” Baker said. “Personally, if I’ve paid for a class, then I don’t feel my attendance should matter. I’ve paid you, and now I can decide what classes I feel are important to attend. A lot of students don’t need to attend every class to get a good grade in a class.”

Students can prevent any disruption in financial aid by:

  • submitting an academic assignment
  • taking a quiz
  • an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction

UCF cited federal regulations as the reason for this change, but Knight News will be contacting UCF officials for details. ​