Tau Kappa Epsilon has been placed on disciplinary organizational probation through spring 2015, according to documents obtained by KnightNews.com.

At the administrative organization hearing held on May 22, Tau Kappa Epsilon was found “not in-violation” of all hazing charges, but was found “in-violation” on one charge of disruptive conduct.

The fraternity will still be able to continue to participate in any university related or sponsored activities during their probation. However, if there is any further violations of the Organizational Rules of Conduct, the organization’s status with the University could be in jeopardy.

Tau Kappa Epsilon was first placed on interim suspension by UCF after a pledge of the fraternity e-mailed his professor about not being able to complete his homework due to “hell week”.

“This week was hell week where I had to stay at the house all week and do many various tasks, this weekend I was initiated and had no time to do homework,” the pledge stated in the e-mail to UCF math Professor Plemmons.

Professor Plemmons then sent the e-mail to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, which investigated the incident further.