Ever had a time that you really wished you had a cuddle buddy?

Look no further–Cuddlr is a real app that helps people find cuddle buddies at any time, any place.


Cuddlr, which promotes itself as 100% platonic, is a location-based app that is designed strictly to help people find a quick snuggle. Users are shown a name and picture of the potential cuddle buddy and the user can approve whether or not they want to cuddle. If both users approve of each other, they can send a message about where to meet up and even see real-time walking directions of where the person is at.

“A cuddle is longer than a hug, but shorter than a date, so you’re not faced with having to sit through a drink or two if you’ve decided someone isn’t for you: you can politely end a cuddle any time,” Founder Charlie Williams told Salon.

When the cuddle is all said and done, the user can rate the performance of the cuddle.