When emo bands broke into the mainstream during the early 2000s, people took notice of the genre and many copycat groups emerged, capitalizing on better groups’ success.

Few newcomers to the movement truly managed to capture what made emo so wonderful and many cheapened it by concerning themselves more with catchy hooks rather than the raw and honest lyrics the genre was known for. However, a few managed to emerge on to the scene, combining highly introspective lyrics along with choruses you could shout with your friends in the car.

One of the groups that best captured this blend, Say Anything, gained both audience’s and critic’s attention with the release of their second album, …Is a Real Boy. Critically, the album was lauded, for both creating songs that differentiated themselves well from each other, along with being a critique of the emo genre itself. The band’s new commercial success could be partially attributed to the release of their single, “Alive with the Glory of Love”, the group’s first hit, which detailed the real life struggle of lead singer, Max Bemis’ grandparents as they survived the holocaust.

Since then, the group has gone on to release four additional albums, and will be coming to Orlando in support of their newest, full-length record, Hebrews. Their show will be held at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney on Nov. 21. The band will be supported by Saves the Day along with Reggie and the Full Effect. Tickets are on sale now and can be found here.