If you don’t know how to listen to the perfect beat drop with the right amount of bass, EDM is not for you. Safe in Sound Festival, held downtown in the back lot of Firestone Live, produced a show that withstood wind, rain, mud and more than likely the ear drums of its attendees. Here’s what you missed at the festival’s first show in Orlando on Oct. 4:

The Mix of EDM, Dubstep and Trap

While only five artists performed at the festival, its lineup was just enough for what the night had in store.

Terravita and UZ produced the bulk of the trap and bass music for the night with UZ’s set producing much more elements of southern hip hop (think Ying Yang Twins meets Waka Flocka and T.I). During Destroid’s intense and fast-paced get up, the metal and dubstep infused quartet had some technical difficulties with the rain, but that didn’t stop the band nor the audience from postponing their performance.

Crowd favorites Flux Pavillion and Austrialian duo Adventure Club closed out the show in a two hour block with just short of drizzling rain and a non stop craze of hip hop and EDM.

The Sound

The highlight of Safe in Sound was its sound system powered by PK Sound. While live music can be enjoyed by the masses, it’s extremely important to have the right amount of bass, treble and audio when mixing live sounds; you don’t want to listen to straight music and no vocals or vise versa. With PK’s sound system, everything was completely clear and audible from any standpoint in the field thanks to over 150,000 watts of bass. If you happened to be up close and personal to the stage, you could feel the beat pumping through your chest at each pump of bass. The intensity, matched with intricate LED visuals as a backdrop for the 5 artist lineup could not be matched anywhere else.

The concept around the festival is one that should be more of a standard for other EDM festivals. I couldn’t help reminiscing about festivals over the summer that made it hard to recognize who and what was playing from long distances, to the point that it almost became unappealing to walk up to a new stage. Perhaps it should be standard for festivals to give audience what they want most out of a festival- crisp, clear sound.

For a new festival, Safe in Sound put its imprint on the map of up and coming touring EDM Festivals. Safe in Sound has already made stops in Tallahassee and Pompano Beach in Florida and will wrap up it’s first year in Seattle, Wa. October 25.